Forum for Emotional Intelligence Learning (FEIL) was created by the coming together of eminent academicians and professionals committed to a common cause of building caring and compassionate Leadership. Many of these people have and continue to contribute to making the world a better place to live in.

FEIL's journey is engraved in our hearts.
The first step was taken by the top Leadership at Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (a Fortune 500 Company) through their appreciative understanding of the need for inspirational Leadership as the pivot of organizational success. This realization emanated from repeated experiences during the implementation of a major change initiative.

We discovered that Leaders must appeal to the heart as much as to the head because the best decisions happen through qualitative links between passion and reason. We found that Emotional Intelligence is the ability to functionalize such links. When cognition is informed by intuition; decisions result in the optimum use of resources. We found that the best team leaders do this effortlessly.

We felt that our understanding that exemplary performance is influenced by inspirational leadership was a lesson that needed to be communicated beyond the organization.

With this proposition in mind the Leadership at HPCL collaborated with academia in order to propagate this message. The first Global Forum on Emotional Intelligence hence came out of the collaborative efforts of HPCL and Tata Institute of Social Sciences at Mumbai in January 2008 with participation from US, Europe, India and other Asian countries.

Several Forum participants and organizers decided to continue this work by forming FEIL to enable people to find their aspirations and values, and work towards them with zeal and passion. In fact, self-awareness of one's aspirations and values is the first step towards enlightening the self, and the management of emotions leads to productive and consistent results.

FEIL is committed to helping organizations to build a conducive environment by facilitating their executives and people to develop Emotional Intelligence for better social awareness, relationship management and creating motivating places to work. FEIL is committed to bringing people and organizations to align and integrate personal accomplishment with organizational success.

FEIL journey has just begun…

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