Rashmi Wadhwa

Ms. Rashmi Wadhwa

Ms. Rashmi Wadhwa is a MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME (MDP) at the O.N.G.C. (I.M.D)–D.Dun. I have been associated in various week long training programmes dealing with topics like - PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT, STRESS MANAGEMENT , GROUP DYNAMICS AND TEAM BUILDING, TRUST BUILDING, DEVELOPING MUTUALITY AND POSITIVE ATTITUDE, EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE and the TRAIN THE TRAINER PROGRAMME. Organizational factors – internal and external hampering the growth of self and the organization were conclusively deliberated upon. Instruments like Lectures, Case studies, Self assessment questionnaires, Group activities, Film clips and Discussions were used. These programmes are designed for Deputy G.M’s, G.M’s and Graduate Trainees from all over India.

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