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'Emotional Intelligence & Leadership' edited by Dr. Shamira Malekar, Asst Professor – AMSIMR ,Joint Secretary and Founder member – FEIL.


Forum of Emotional Intelligence and Learning (FEIL) has launched its first book at the seminar on 'Emotional Intelligence and Leadership' at Delhi on 23rd and 24th of November. The book is a compilation of research papers on Emotional Intelligence and Leadership. Of the 57 papers received, 32 papers have been finally selected for this publication for Excel Books (ISBN No. 978-81-7446-902-1).

The cover page of the book has been designed with an emphasis on the significance implications and symbolism of each colour - for example purple signifies royalty and prosperity. This book is based on the following themes:

  • Building engaging work environments.
  • Creating elements of an effective learning environment and the teacher/coaches role therein.
  • Industry contribution for a sustainable planet.
  • Building distributed leadership.
  • Action of non-profits for creating a healthy and productive society.
  • Role of Emotional Intelligence in counseling/ mentoring / coaching / teaching.

List of Chapters

Chapter 01 Competencies as a Behavioural Approach to Emotional Intelligence Dr. Richard Boyatzis
Chapter 02 Emotional Intelligence Vedic and Modern Perspectives Hemanth Goparaj, Dr. Radha Sharma
Chapter 03 Team Emotional Intelligence in Design Thinking process Deepa Agarwal
Chapter 04 Emotional Intelligence, gen X and Y and Quarter Life Crisis Dr. Mala Kapadia
Chapter 05 Emotional Intelligence and Mentoring in the context of Gender Diversity Programmes Preethi Krishnan
Kavita Maloo
Chapter 06 Emergent Leadership Inevitability, Ethics and Managerial Styles Dr. Sorab Sadri
Dr. Jayashree Sadri
Chapter 07 Social Relationships A Study Dr. Shamira Malekar
Ms. Ishani Doshi
Chapter 08 A Holistic Approach for Developing Emotional Intelligence at Workplace Vanmathy Anbarasan
Nikhil Mehta
Chapter 09 Voices of Contemporary Indian Women Leaders managing and Balancing Emotions Intelligently in Organisations Ms. Shahida
Dr. Seemita Mohanty
Chapter 10 Behavioural Aspects of ERP System of an Indian Steel Manufacturing Industry Dr. Shyam Sundar Prasad
Chapter 11 Balanced Scorecard Implementation and Employee Engagement Archana Upadhyay
Dr. sasmita Palo
Chapter 12 An Investigation on the Role of Emotional Intelligence on academic Performance among University Students Thiruchelvi
Dr. Supriya
Chapter 13 Achieving High – Emotional Intelligence (EI) Behaviour through an Innovative Learning Approach Sahaja Yoga Meditation Dr. Ramesh manocha
Dr. Sandeep Rai
Chapter 14 Building Engaging Work Places Susan Thomas
Chapter 15 Emotional Intelligence among Adolescents Dr. Sarika Manhas
Chapter 16 Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Styles amongst Indian Nursing Professionals A Preliminary Study Arunima Sengupta
Dr. Ajeya Jha
Chapter 17 Environment Welfare Organizational Initiatives Shashank Shah
Sudhir Bhaskar
Chapter 18 Emotional Intelligence A part of Learning Russian in India Janani Vaidhyanathan
Chapter 19 Know how Emotions affect Physical health? Dr. Dilip Singh
Chapter 20 Parenting with Eimotional Intelligence Dr. S.B.Singh
Dr. V.K.Gupta
Chapter 21 Organizational Learning Capability and Job Satisfaction a Study of a Power Distribution Organization Dr. Bijaya Mishra
Dr. Uday Bhaskar
Chapter 22 The Neural Role of Emotions Dr. Rupali Jeswal
Chapter 23 Effect of Meditation on the Brain with Implications for Emotional Intelligence Dr. Anjana Sen
Chapter 24 In Quest of Enhanced EQ Neera jain
Chapter 25 Building Distributed Leadership Tapas Majumdar
Chapter 26 Effective Leadership for the 21st Century emotionally and Ethically Competent Leaders Dr. Farida Virani
Chapter 27 For Design to Praxis Evaluation of a Self-guided Internet based Emotional Intelligence Enhancement Programme Rajneesh Choubisa
Chapter 28 Emotional Intelligence and Transformational Leadership Dr. Shankargouda Bharamanaikar
Chapter 29 Structural Equation Modeling for Testing the Impact of Organization Communication Satisfaction on Employee Engagement Suryanarayan Iyer
D. Israel
Chapter 30 Emotional Intelligence amongst NGO Workers and their Conflict Resolution Styles Hemangi Bhalerao
Rahul Thapar
Chapter 31 EQM as a New Mantra in Corporate Corridors Integrating Spirituality with EI Dr. Subhash Sharma
Chapter 32 Role of emotional Intelligence in Teaching Dr. Bindu Chhabra


The book is available against MRP of Rs. 450/-. Ms Devika Hate of HPCL may be contacted to purchase your copy of the book. Her email id is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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