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FEIL was created by the coming together of eminent academicians and professionals committed to a common cause of building caring and compassionate Leadership. Many of these people have and continue to contribute to making the world a better place to live in.

The first step was taken by the top Leadership at Hindustan ...

Past Events

  • Filippo Casale

    Workshop on Business Ethics - Nov 2011
    Discuss and brainstorm, the contemporary ethical issues in business and to address ethical dilemmas in different functional areas in management.» read more

  • Luca Farulli

    Certification Workshop - Delhi/Mumbai
    Workshop on Assessing and Developing Emotional Intelligence Competencies in the Workplace for Superior Personal, Team and Org. Results » read more

  • Diego Mencarelli
    May 2009
    EI Forum

    2nd Global EI Forum - TISS, Mumbai
    Certification Workshop on Emotional Intelligence, Leadership and Emotional Skill Assessment Process by EI Guru Dr. Darwin B Nelson » read more

  • Luca Bonacorsi

    3rd Global EI Forum - TISS, Mumbai
    The Conference was addressed by leading Academicians and eminent Practitioners from across the globe. » read more

  • Luigi Ciorciolini

    Leadership and EI Certification - New Delhi
    The workplace is an ideal place for promoting social & EI competencies because it is often here that people are most impacted by their absence. » read more

  • Luca Rosati

    The EQ Leadership Summit - New Delhi
    Inspirational and Caring Leadership is the foundation of sustainable competitive edge. Dr Daniel, the legendary name in EI and Leadership speaks to you » read more

  • Filippo Casale

    Certification Workshop - New Delhi
    EI and Emotional Skill Assessment Process (ESAP-EI Tool developed by Professors formerly at A & M Texas University, USA) by renowned EI Experts » read more

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Social Initiative

Liberating Human Potential for better tommorrow

is the Mission of FEIL's workshop on Emotional Intelligence for Teacher & Students.


The more I attend workshops on EI, the more is my understanding of the power of emotions and their positive use for success in life and career ...
- S Rath, Director(Operations) Oil India Ltd.

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